TRTA advertising token - universal payment tool

Blockchain is the most advanced and most secure technology that is ideal for working with and protecting financial transactions. TRTA token is based on the stable and popular platform "Ethereum", which works on the basis of Smart contracts, which also helps to provide security guarantees to our partners and customers.

Tokens are issued under the ERC-20 standard, which allows you to simplify the exchange of assets and their trade between various projects and investors.

To check out the TRTA token yourself follow the link.

TRTA - Teamring project
unit of account

It is impossible to create such a multifunctional and comprehensive system as Teamring without co-financing. In the process of developing a project concept, the team had several ideas, due to which investments would be attracted. We chose the most user-friendly option - crowdfunding!

The project format involves a large number of mutual payments for services and payment for internal functions, which can be implemented easier by creating your own digital asset, an advertising token. And now TRTA is a calculated internal digital unit of the project, created and functioning on the basis of the Ethereum platform and already available for sale, trade and use!

How TRTA is used in the Teamring system?
  • Advertising payment

    Promote your products and services by paying for advertising using TRTA tokens

  • Payment for works and services

    Pay to specialists and pay for internal system services.

  • Investments

    Get TRTA and get income from the rise in the cost of the token

In 2009, for $ 1 you could buy thousands of bitcoins.
Today the cost of 1000 bitcoins exceeds $ 3,500,000.
By investing in TRTA tokens today, you ensure a comfortable future in prosperity!
TRTA distribution program
Total issued 200 million TRTA tokens. Of which:
  • 10% is allocated for the implementation of the Bounty program;
  • 10% reserved by experts;
  • 30% will go to closed sale;
  • 50% will be sold openly.
What provides cost
growth of tokens?
  • Advertising on the Teamring network resources is available only for TRTA tokens, which ensures a constant increase in their value with each new user. Advertising is the engine of commerce and the demand for it is growing daily, and this ensures a rise in the cost of tokens.
  • Consumption within the system. Most of the internal calculations in the Teamring platform are performed using the TRTA token, which also ensures the popularization of tokens.
  • Limited issue. It is through TRTA tokens that preferential financing of projects in the Teamring system is provided, so the demand for them will always grow, while their supply is strictly limited to the terms of issue.
Get passive income
from investing in TRTA

You can purchase any number of Teamring promotional tokens with stable growth dynamics, or invest in dozens of other projects within the site. Manage your investments, increase revenues and ensure a decent standard of living!

The growth token popularity is ensured by the demand for advertising, and payment for advertising on the site is carried out exclusively by means of calculations in TRTA. Everyone knows that the demand for advertising in all industries is growing daily, and this means that the demand for a token will also grow, which is guaranteed to increase its value.

Invest in the future today