Highly paid affiliate program
Start earning immediately after registering, build your own global referral network and secure your passive income from using the services by your client network
One system -
double affiliate program
Linear program
  • Viral distribution of the service will give automatic growth to your group of users, each of them will bring you income.
  • Linear program is free and available immediately after registration. You will get access to your personal account, marketing materials and the opportunity to receive bonuses for inviting new users immediately after registering on the site.
  • Perfect for beginners. You just need to invite the user by your referral link and the system will start working with him itself - at the time of his purchase you will receive a commission income from the affiliate program.
Binary program
  • Register for free right now and get a test access in the binary structure for 14 days with the preservation of volumes. Study the payment plan and make a decision.
  • Unique bonuses allow you to earn instantly. Get maximum bonuses by increasing your status. Help partners and get even more bonuses
  • Fast growth and high income. Loyal conditions that allow you to easily enter the business. Minimum membership threshold allows you to quickly register new partners.
7 depth levels -
is not the limit
In the Teamring affiliate program, you will have the opportunity to create user and partner networks to manage your business and receive income from the purchases of these clients up to the seventh depth level. For the most active participants who have received PRO status - there are no restrictions on the depth of the affiliate program. TeamRingPRO receives a bonus for each customer purchase, regardless of which line he belongs to.
Start earning now
Partner statuses

Package name



Standart Lite


Vip Lite


Order Amount, Points (cumulative)














Level 1 5% 10% 15% 20%+ 25%+ 30%+
Level 2 - 4% 6% 6%+ 8%+ 10%+
Level 3 - 4% 6% 6%+ 8%+ 10%+
Level 4 - 4% 6% 6%+ 8%+ 10%+
Level 5 - 4% 6% 6%+ 8%+ 10%+
Level 6 (Teamring Pro only) - 4% 6% 6%+ 8%+ 10%+
Level 7 and Infinity (Infinity Bonus) Teamring Pro Qualification 1 ° -10 ° 1%-10%
Want more?
Get the status of Teamring PRO!
Teamring Pro

How to get it?

Activate "Mini" package and above
Have 10 or more personally invited partners with active "Mini" packages and above

Status benefits:

Additional bonuses for the 6th network level
Priority technical support
Teamring Pro 1-10

How to get it?

Activate "VIP" Package
 1-10 + partners in the network with Teamring PRO status. 1 partner - Pro1 level, 2 partners - Pro2 level and so on

Status benefits:

The percentage for each network member is at level 7 and deeper. Pro1 level - 1%, Pro 2 level - 2% and so on
Priority technical support
Linear Bonuses

Invite new users and receive referral payments from their purchases within the system.

  • It is intended for users of the Website for each personally invited user in its structure;
  • Calculated on the basis of purchase volume of the invitee in the personal structure;
  • Accrued instantly and can be withdrawn immediately.
"Over the border between packages"

Stay on top! The greater the difference in packages between you and your referrals, the bigger bonus you will get!

  • It is intended for the Website users with different packages, for purchases of the personal invitations structure users;
  • It is issued if there is a difference between the packages of participants in the personal structure from the bottom up, taking into account the payments already made for this bonus;
  • The bonus amount is calculated according to the percentage difference between the packages for the personal invitations structure;
  • Accrued instantly and can be withdrawn immediately.
"Infinity Bonus"

Do not limit yourself to only six lines of income! With an infinity bonus, you will receive funds for each guest added to your network!

  • It is provided as a payment the Website users of the site with “TeamRingPro 1” - “TeamRingPro 10” qualifications in the personal invitations structure; 
  • Issued for purchases in the personal structure of level 7 and deeper, subject to receiving 150 or more points within a month, taking into account the recipient of the bonus and his personally invited 1st line;
  • Bonus size: from 1 to 10% depending on the PRO qualification;
  • It is charged once a month and can be withdrawn immediately.
Bonus accrual example
within linear program
  • 1User 10 made a purchase for 100 points.
  • 2User 111 made a purchase for 150 points.
  • 3User 9 with the "FREE" package received 5% from 100 points “Referral Bonus” for the 1st line  - 5 points (immediately after purchase).
  • 4User 8 with the "FREE" package (not taken into account in calculating the referral bonus, as it is above the user with the "FREE" package) did not receive anything (immediately after purchase).
  • 5User 7 with the "MINI" package received 4% of 100 points “Referral Bonus” for the 2nd line - 4 points (immediately after purchase).
  • 6User 2 with the "Standard Lite" package received a “Referral Bonus” for the 3rd line 6% -4% = 2% of 100 points - 2 points (immediately after purchase).
  • 7User 1 with "VIP" package received:
    • “Referral bonus” for the 4th line 8% -6% = 2% of 100 points - 2 points (immediately after purchase);
    • “Bonus for the difference between packages” 25% -5% = 20% - 20 points (immediately after purchase);
    • “Infinity Bonus” for the qualification of “TeamRingPro 4” 4% from 150 points - 6 points (at the end of the calculation period of the 1st day at 00:00:00 of the next period).
Binary bonuses 

Payments for each person personally invited to the binary program. Suitable for those who effectively manage their network and want to build a permanent source of high income.

  • It is paid for each person personally invited in the binary structure;
  • Available only to the owners of packages for the binary structure;
  • It is calculated immediately after the purchase by the invitee.
"For the turnover performance"

Get rewarded for your binary network achieving the required turnover!

  • Provided for the implementation of turnover by users in the binary structure;
  • It is calculated if there is a turnover of not less than 100 points per week in a weak branch of the structure;
  • The size of the bonus depends on the difference in the package of the upstream and downstream partners:
    BASIC - 5%, MEDIUM - 7%, PREMIUM - 10%;
  • It is paid every week to the “Binary Bonus” wallet and is available for withdrawal immediately after the transfer to the main wallet.
"Matching Bonus"

The more bonuses the members of your binary structure receive, the more you earn! Motivate, train, help, to earn even more.

  • The bonus is calculated from the income of your partners from levels 1 to 5 according to  "Turnover Performance" bonus
  • Prerequisites for chargin are fully paid "BASIC", "MEDIUM" or "PREMIUM" packages;
  • Charges from levels 1 to 5: 5% for "BASIC", 7% for "MEDIUM" and 10% for "PREMIUM" packages;
  • "Matching bonus" has no accrual restrictions;
  • It is paid every week to the “Binary Bonus” wallet and is available for withdrawal immediately after the transfer to the main wallet.
Bounty program
This is a user reward program for the project development. Start earning income immediately after registration, performing the most simple steps. This will allow you to easily earn promotional TRTA tokens, that will be instantly credited to your internal account..
Participate in teamring development
Tell your friends, your friends will receive bonuses and you will also receive bonuses for the development of the project