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Create your own
crowdfunding project
Teamring platform offers a unique range of opportunities to start and develop your business. Create your project according to the scheme of national co-financing and increase the turnover several times. Convenient functionality, various options for implementing the program and thousands of potential customers are waiting for you. Attract funding for your business ideas!
effective advertising
Advertise your project on our sites and services, participate in affiliate programs and develop together with other entrepreneurs within the Teamring project with minimal costs and high conversion! What's the advantage of advertising in the Teamring system?
  • Create unique offers for affiliate programs to active users of the system to involve them in your business!
  • Increase your popularity among active users of Teamring by placing ads on the platform.
  • Get Teamring advertising asset (TRTA) now and significantly reduce the cost of the advertising company tomorrow. At the same time, funds that you have not spent will increase in price!
Blockchain token
TRTA advertising token, Teamring's own digital asset of a business system is a universal accounting unit that provides funding for the system through crowdfunding, as well as ads placement and payment of advertising and other services on the Teamring platform. Due to the interest of each user in the development of the project platform, the traffic and the number of new registrations increase, which leads to an increase in the cost of advertising and the growth of the TRTA token. Investors can always be confident in the steady growth of their investments, as with each new operation the cost of the token increases.
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Affiliate program

By attracting sponsors to your projects, you can independently assign additional remuneration for them for performing certain tasks, as well as assign bonuses for the development of your project. This will help you to:

  • Attract active and interested partners.
  • Make your project more interesting for major investors.
  • Create a flexible rewards program and reduce costs.
Find professionals
In the Teamring project, you will definitely find professionals who can cope with the solution of any task in your field of activity. Only professionals working for results, and not from paycheck to paycheck!
Get benefits
from partnership
Many participants of the Teamring project offer special conditions for cooperation within the project - find efficient partners and contractors for yourself and create your own cooperation network on favorable terms!
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