universal platform for active business people Attracting and placing investments. Startups and crowdfunding. Staff recruitment and the best job offers.
Our mission
The Teamring system was created and continues to evolve with one goal - to enable to people find each other and build effective cooperation system with the help of our platform. We want technology to work for a person not vice versa and, we strive to create a universal tool for work and business in the Russian and also world markets.
Our principles
We understand that people with different education and experience work with our system. That is why we have created universal tools are accessible to all.
When our service users succeed, the entire Teamring business system also succeeds. Therefore, we always guarantee safety and protection against any fraudulent activity.
Mutual Assistance
Our business system helps you not only earn money, but also to learn how to do it more succesfully. Each of the service users is interested in the success of others and therefore all partners here are for each other.
Globalization is the main trend of the 21st century. Combining the maximum number of effective and useful tools in one project is one of our main objectives
The Teamring business system is easy to understand for both experienced and novice users. We implement minimum complexity and detailed tutorials for all our features
We provide maximum efficiency in every field of activity: profitable investments and partnerships and a wide coverage of advertising and modern tools.
We are making progress
We are always striving for development and want to create a tool that would allow you to work, run a business and earn income without using third-party services and applications. Therefore, every day we are expanding the functionality of the system, increasing its coverage and attracting new service users to create the perfect business environment for everyone.

Teamring project roadmap
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